New Documentary Reveals Secret Behind Apple Maps

As a practical functional app Apple Maps is a mess. Much of the location data is wrong and most importantly many of the map images are flawed. With as many flaws as have been found in Apple Maps, I am not surprised to learn that at least some of the errors were intentional.

The following clip is from a mockumentary which discusses Apple Maps and its inspiration as a massive art installation carried in the pockets of tens of millions of people.

This short documentary uncovers the background behind the new Apple iOS Maps Flyover 3D Art experiment. You’ll meet Jean-Marc Rosseau, the twisted yet talented mastermind behind the project and hear his thoughts on bringing Flyover’s disturbing semi-realistic imagery to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad user. It’s both shocking and intriguing.

And in case you wee wondering, yes, this is a joke. But given the many serious errors in map images, this joke could quite plausibly be true. After all, it would make more sense than Apple releasing a broken service, right?

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