New Facebook platform industry hires: Kontagent, BranchOut, Involver

Kontagent hired a senior designer, and BranchOut and Involver hired marketing staff this week.

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Here’s this week’s list of hires:


  • Kristen Stotts, Senior Designer – former freelance designer.


  • Allison Mirzoeff, Marketing Intern – former sales associate at Urban Outfitters.
  • Amy Andreasen, University Marketing Associate – former intern at Certified financial Planners at UBS.
  • Morgan Phung, Marketing Advocate – former marketing intern at Tencent America LLC.
  • Hyder M. Alikhan, Marketing Associate – former assistant head to digital marketing at ITP.


  • Rodrigo Santana, Marketing Intern – former supply coordinator at G-Inter Transportes Internacionais.

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