New iPad Mini Shell Leaks in Advance of Launch Event

We’re still a couple weeks away from a rumored Apple event where many expect the iPad Mini will be unveiled and it looks like the leaks have gotten real. A blog by the name of Ukrainian iPhone has just posted several photos of what they are claiming to be parts for the iPad Mini.

As you can see from the image below, the shell has the new dock connector, a cutout for the 3g/4g antenna, a micro-Sim card slot, and other details that we have seen on past leaks.

 This leak also looks a lot more real than the shells and dummies which have been showing up over the past few months, though it does have some details in common with, for example, the dummy iPad Mini which I bought off Ebay and received yesterday.

The general dimensions are similar, and so are the bevels around the screen. The leaked photos also show a centered camera on the from of the iPad Mini as well as a rear camera in the upper left corner.

Now, I’m not saying that the dummies were any more real because of how close they got to the actual iPad Mini, but it is interesting that the speculation managed to hit so close to home. I wonder if perhaps Chinese case makers weren’t nearly as careful with their security as they should have been? It’s certainly possible that Apple may have given dimensions and details to Chinese OEMs so cases would be ready when the iPad Mini shipped, and one of them may have let something slip to a friend or colleague.

In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple shows off a couple weeks from now.

via Ukrainian iPhone

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