New look for CQ Roll Call‘s

CQ Roll Call launched a revamped version of its site today.

The site used to be a simple way for people to write their representatives. Now there’s up-to-date information on what’s happening on Capitol Hill, making it easier for readers to get up to speed on an issue and write their congressman instantly. Fun times for members of Congress, right?

“Already, people rely on the site as their primary communication tool for emailing Members of Congress, this is an additional benefit we can provide using CQ Roll Call content,” Editorial Director Mike Mills said in a press release.

Manned by Ryan Teague Beckwith and David Hawkings, the site is formatted like a standard vertical blog with roughly five posts per page. “The new site has a sleek look and feel for news, while retaining the award-winning Capwiz software that sent over 25 million messages to Congress last year,” Mark Walters, SVP and Group Publisher of CQ Roll Call, said.

The only oddity so far is the current survey featured on the right side of the site. It asks, “Which American industry is promising to deliver ‘more choices, fewer calories, smaller portions’?” You can select an answer and it will display the results, but it doesn’t tell which answer is correct and leaves you hanging and yearning for more.

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