New Network For Human Resource

Aggregated news in niche areas is probably one of the most powerful communication tools the internet provides us. Launching today, HR Tech Central is a new network for human resource professionals to read the latest industry news from a variety of human resource blogs across the internet.

Highlighting articles that rang in topic from job loses&#151the number of job loses declined 19.5 percent this month&#151to new HR technology&#151have you seen Microsoft’s new Vista Certified (WPF) staffing software?&#151the site is an incomparable information resource.

The site provides a wealth of information for any topic you’re seeking: employment, benefits, payroll, recruitment, etc. If we ever wondered why print publications&#151especially niche publications like Staffing Management magazine&#151were in trouble, we really need look no further than sites like HR Tech Central. The amount of information provided at just the click of a button is absolutely staggering.

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