New Service Allows Head-To-Head Wagering in Facebook Games

I had a chance to catch up with Woodrow Levin, Founder and CEO of BringIt, a real-time transactional platform that recently launched head-to-head wagering for Facebook games with mobile games to come.

I had a chance to catch up with Woodrow Levin, Founder and CEO of BringIt, a real-time transactional platform that recently launched head-to-head wagering for Facebook games with mobile games to come. Read more after the jump.

BringIt’s platform has been around for a while. To date, 8 million unique players have played and competed on solo challenges using BringIt’s platform. BringIt has been integrated in Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium, 50 Cubes’ Mall World and EastSide games’ Pot Farm.

It’s no surprise that players are increasingly looking for more things to do, including looking for mini-games and the ability to challenge players. In tournaments players tend to play with random players but playing with your local graph is great because it creates more engagement – by posting to your friend’s wall. This creates true virality around competitive gaming.

BringIt’s mini game UI is skinned for the game its integrated in. Players can play single player games and multi-player tournaments where they’re competing against others in progressive prizing, day long tournaments or short term tournaments, and now head-to-head for premium in game currency. For Happy Aquarium everything is tied in to their look and feel and players get to win pearls.

The advantage of having your own currency is that you can gift it to people ‘such as when your friends level up’. When people buy your currency they are locked in more but if you have Facebook Credits they can spend across more games. Since the currency is locked into that game players don’t have to necessarily play skill based games and gambling rules don’t apply.

BringIt is seeing 10-12% of DAUs of client’s games play the mini game everyday. If happy aquarium has 750k users, 75-90k users are playing each day. People buying into tournaments increases the velocity of spend of the game as well. The ARPDAU goes up by $0.02 – $0.04 cents on a per user basis. This is only for users who touch the experience. On a per user basis there is some cannibalization of virtual goods  but on an entire economy basis there is more currency sunk, leading to greater revenues for publishers.

Partners are looking for a lift on revenue and a lift on retention of users, and lift on engagement time. In summary:

  • For Revenue you have : 2-4 cent aprdau increase
  • 30 day retention rate for bringit mini game experience: 29.5%
  • If we start 100 users on day 1, 29.5% retention rate so keeping players in games retained longer.
  • User session time is 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • 90 million plays, anti fraud measures built in.

BringIt can create liquidity across different integrations. Someone playing match 3 game tournament in one game can be playing against someone playing match 3 in another game.

Kabam has been successful because they have added challenges and competitions (in fact their whole game is a competition). BringIt is taking these best practices and thinking about adding wagering and competition mechanics to existing social games that need to give their players additional forms of engagement.

35-55 yr old female demographic is the most engaged and they enjoy it because its casual competition. We’re not talking about shooting people – its very casual – a simple match 3 type of game. There is a suite of 4 types of games – Skinned Match 3 bejeweled type game is most popular. There is also a simple shooter called Ballies and Ballies Shoot.

Rich and Poor player chance of winning is the same. Say you’re a crappy player you might even have to score a 1000 whereas if you’re a good player might have to score 100,000, to double their money. A real time transactional system exists that’s evaluating players’ skill level in order to be fair. Even in solo play, the prize buckets have to be adjusting in real time, to keep players coming back.

As far as player stats go, 42.3% of users tend to play 2 times or more. Some people are trying it and never coming back while some players have played 10,000 times or more. Players only lose a small % of their bank roll but there’s enough chance in these games that players could have a big win. To learn more BringIt, visit their site here.

“As trail blazers like BringIt and Kabam have demonstrated, the social gaming market is awakening to the need for new, more competitive modes of game play alongside the traditional simulation and builder games,” said BringIt Founder and CEO Woody Levin. “We are very excited to offer our clients and end users the industry’s first and only Head-to-Head wagering functionality in our mini-game platform. By adding this exciting new feature and connecting with over 8 million players, BringIt has again shown why we are the leader in third-party engagement and monetization platforms.”