New Stats From Salesforce Show How Marketing Execs Are Laser Focused on Customer Experience

The company releases annual B2B research

The marketing technology giant has many interesting data points to share. Getty Images
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After surveying 3,500 companies, Salesforce today is releasing its fourth annual State of Marketing report, with the buzz phrase “customer experience” taking center stage.

For instance, nearly two-thirds of the respondents said their team is spearheading customer experience initiatives, and 68 percent of marketing execs said their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer service. Here are a few other highlights from Salesforce’s research:

  • Over the past 18 months, 64 percent of marketing leaders stated that their company had become more focused on providing a consistent experience across every channel as a result of changing marketplace expectations.
  • About 65 percent of business buyers said they’ll switch vendors if a seller doesn’t personalize customer experiences.
  • The grand majority (89 percent) of business buyers want companies to understand their business needs and expectations.

Check out the rest of the study here.


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