New York Cafe Owner: I Don’t Like Big Butts, and I Cannot Lie

bleekerAccording to its website, Bleecker Kitchen & Co. is “a neighborhood American restaurant with a seasonally inspired menu, which offers small and large plates at affordable prices.”

Sounds innocent enough, until you focus on that large plates description. 

You see, Bleecker Kitchen & Co. owner Joshua Berkowitz isn’t a fan of many things large. In fact, he is being sued for allegedly having a twisted sense of humor about people with the proverbial junk in the trunk.

(We dare you not to laugh and think about a certain someone when you hit the jump.)

According to the New York Post, if trying times hit the aforementioned reality dolt, the anaconda Nicki Minaj, or even big mama wearing the moo-moo, they may want to look elsewhere for employment.

Berkowitz hired a man named Michael Douglas, Jr. (no relation) to manage his Noho cafe. Douglas decided he needed to diversify the staff and hired a black employee. Even in 2014, this was the eatery’s first-ever black employee. 

And that’s when the fun began:

According to Douglas’ Manhattan Supreme Court suit, Berkowitz asked who “the new dark girl was,” then closed the door and confided in him, “My father warned me about hiring people like that, people with big butts. Do you understand what I mean? People with big butts don’t work fast.”

It was at that time Douglas thought to inform his boss that he was himself part Asian and part black. Then, this happened.

“You have some black in you and you’re Spanish/Filipino. I’m sorry, that’s really f—d up. If I married a non-Jewish woman, my parents would sit shivah,” Berkowitz allegedly told him.

A week later Berkowitz reiterated, “With all due respect to your background … large bottoms don’t move fast, large bottoms don’t work hard.”

Berkowitz has obviously never heard of Iggy Azalea, but he can provide us with a painfully obvious guide to how NOT to address diversity in the workforce.

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