New York Daily News Gets ‘In Da Club’ to Sell More Papers

"You'll find me in the editorial department." - 50 Cent

It’s hard out there for a newspaper publisher.

From layoffs to buyouts, cutbacks to renovations, newspapers are looking under every mattress for extra change to keep the doors open one more year. They have tried the dreaded paywall, but readers weren’t so keen on that one. They designed some apps, but people were too busy playing Angry Birds.

But the New York Daily News may have the idea that takes the cake: hire a young cub reporter named Curtis Jackson to be the editor for a day. You may know him as “50 Cent.”

In case you weren’t aware, Confidenti@l is the NYDN entertainment section for all things gossip/water cooler talk.

People just can’t get enough of the rumor mill, so many newspapers have found their saving grace within the “Life” section. That and the coupons could possibly be the two biggest sellers for a newspaper these days.

What’s a paper to do? Remember hearing about 50 Cent at the Golden Globes? He was everywhere, but for good reason — he was paid asked to appear, and he didn’t have anything better to do since he hasn’t had a hit single in how many years? Apparently, he was moonlighting as the editor for NYDN‘s Confidenti@l as well….it was like a visit to “the Candy Shop” or something. From Fiddy himself:

“Do you know how much influence the Daily News has? Look, if you make it to the Daily News and you ain’t got on handcuffs, you made it.”

50-cent-visits-nydn 2He did just that as editor for a day. He held a live chat, lined up photos for the stories, strutted around the hallways of the Daily News, edited some copy, and even wore a fetching hat with “EDITOR” emblazoned across it.

After all, the guy has to look the part too, right?

It’s all for the paper, people!

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