New York Observer Suggests Media Orgs Hire The Daily Staff, Themselves

The New York Observer has come up with a list of the 25 “most poachable” names in media—more or less a scoring of the folks with the most talent, the smallest (relative) salaries, and the most vulnerable employers. It’s not scientific, and it’s kind of just a big old media lovefest, yet we’re fascinated.

On the list: three staffers from The Daily (Zach Baron, staff reporter for culture, managing editor Mike Nizza, contributing editor Elizabeth Eaves), New York Times staffers like T Magazine editor-in-chief Sally Singer and Andrew Ross Sorkin of Dealbook, and twenty others, mainly (but not entirely) from Web operations like TechCrunch, Grantland, and

Not on the list: anyone who works at the New York Observer—however, the editors say, “Feel free to shop around” (while linking to their masthead).

The NYO also came up with a “ballpark poachability number,” or how much you’d have to pay said media personality to get them to jump ship. It’s interesting looking at the numbers, even if they are somewhat plucked out of the air.

Poachable #1, Sally Singer, has a BPN of $350,000-$400,000. #2, Chris Bodenner, who works for The Daily Dish (now part of The Daily Beast), has a BPN of $110,000. But if you want the fourth top media pro, The Hollywood Reporter‘s Janice Min, you’re going to need about $2.6 million. Wow, and they say there’s no money in media.