New York Times Magazine Seeks to Reassure Donald Trump

ShutterstockDonaldTrumpMay2014On Twitter, @realDonaldTrump has a following that is 25 times larger than that of @NYTmag. So in one sense, Trump has fully earned the right to take the latter to task.

The only problem is that in this handwritten-note case, as playfully relayed by magazine editor Willy Staley, the reason there was “not one mention” of The Celebrity Apprentice in the magazine’s September 28 profile of political candidate Clay Aiken is that the article was edited for space. Per Staley:

Given his Manichaean view of the matter, we would be remiss if we didn’t reassure Trump that Aiken spoke highly of both Trump and his time on The Apprentice. Aiken even said that “some of the gumption that one needs for a campaign I probably learned from doing his show.”

[Writer Jim] Rutenberg asked for clarity: “From him or from the show?”

Aiken replied, “Well, I think they’re one and the same, aren’t they?”

Trump’s response to the Aiken article is easily trumped in Staley’s narrative by that time The Donald failed to recognize that a New York Times Magazine essay was satirical fiction. To view Trump’s “seismically signed” Aiken article note, click here.

P.S. The next season of The Celebrity Apprentice, featuring Geraldo Rivera, Ian Ziering and, ostensibly, Joan Rivers, is completed but not yet officially on the NBC schedule.

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