Which New York Times Magazine Kissing Couple is Your Favorite?

Thanks to another well conceived, well shot and exceedingly well cast New York Times Magazine interactive feature, our headline is a question we imagine many more will be asking. This particular batch of bonbons, titled “9 Kisses,” features the publication’s A-list riff on those recent viral videos of strangers meeting and kissing.

The San Francisco Chronicle zeroes in on the fact that two of the nine celebrity couples chosen for the kissing vignettes are same-sex: Rosario DawsonJenny Slate and Timothy SpallDavid Oyelowo. Here at FishbowlNY, much like Kevin Frazier at Entertainment Tonight, the one we can’t stop watching features Steve Carell and Laura Dern.


Multiple air kisses to director Elaine Constantine, cinematographer Steven Fierberg, set designer Colin Roddick, costume designer Callan Stokes, editor Stephen Haren and composer Roger Neill. This is some top-notch interactivity. For some behind-the-scenes video about the making of the vignettes, click here.

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