The New Yorker Publishes Food Issue

This week’s New Yorker is all about food. Ironically, inside the issue John Lanchester has a piece that argues we all need to stop obsessing over what we eat. There’s also Adam Gopnik seeking to figure out what, exactly, is happening to pastries; and Dana Goodyear profiling a sustainable meat company CEO.

Another worthwhile article — by Michael Specter — tackles the gluten-free fad:

Peter H. R. Green, the director of the celiac-disease center at the Columbia University medical school and one of the nation’s most prominent celiac doctors, tells Specter that gluten sensitivity is ‘a largely self-diagnosed disease,’ and notes that, often, ‘gluten-free versions of traditional wheat-based foods are actually junk food.’ Green—who tells Specter that the situation is ‘getting out of hand’ —continues, ‘Our patients have jumped on this bandwagon and largely left the medical community wondering what the hell is going on.’

The gluten-free thing is proof that Americans need more hobbies.

The New Yorker’s food issue hits newsstands today.

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