News Sites Prepare Online Coverage Of Presidential Debate

Tonight marks the first official presidential campaign debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. It’s taking place in Denver (at 9 p.m. Eastern, or 6 p.m. Pacific), but since you likely haven’t snagged a seat, your options for viewing are plentiful this election year. You may not have determined who you’re voting for let alone figured out how you’re watching the debates. Here are five options for where to watch tonight’s Q&A and interact with others watching.


The Beltway behemoth of political news, has several debate features planned for tonight, including “The Grid” an interactive tool that will allow users to immediately cast their vote for their favorite responses and weigh in on whether they agree or disagree with Obama or Romney. Look for live analysis and context from Post staffers and the WonkFix Google+ Hangout this afternoon.


Though not as amusing or in-depth at WaPo or NYT, this cable network already has the lineup listed and reminders available for this and the upcoming debates. It plans to stream them live, on the web and on iPhone/iPad apps, for those not near a TV or computer.


The Times is planning live coverage and streaming on its site. For now, it has an entertaining look back at memorable moments in debate history.


For those who’d rather have no-frills, no-spin coverage, there’s always C-SPAN. It, too, is planning to livestream online, and is already collecting tweets from viewers and media at its Debates hub. Like the Times, it culled the archives as well for some historic debate highlights.


The Sunlight Foundation will be there to help decipher what’s true and what’s spin tonight. They’ll have a live chat, analysis, video streaming and more at Sunlight Live.

Still looking for somewhere else? GigaOM has a long roundup of spots to watch online and Mashable has found a few, too. YOUR TURN: Feel free to link us to your local coverage, or an awesome/innovative idea we haven’t included here, in the comments or on Twitter, @10000words.