News Sites That Designers Hate

As you’ve probably noticed, a trend among news and media companies is to revamp their desktop sites to look more like mobile sites. This is what is known as a Bad Thing.

Desktops are not the same as tablets and/or phones, and yet companies continue to ignore that. Good designers, of course, know this. A few of them spoke to Digiday about which news sites were the worst. Below are two that we also hate.

Doug Maccarone, co-founder of design company Charming Robot, described as “claustrophobic.” “They went mobile-first, and mobile does not work on a desktop screen,” Maccarone told Digiday. “On a mobile device, you’re probably going to scan a lot more quickly than on a desktop, where you have a lot more real estate.”

The Wall Street Journal’s site is long overdue for a redesign. You don’t need an expert to tell you that. However, a take from Jon Jackson, global creative director at Huge: “It seems to go back to a time of ‘Let’s give people a lot of stuff, and they’ll find something.'” Again, a Bad Thing.