Newspaper Association of America to Rebrand as ‘News Media Alliance’

Sorry, newspapers.

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) is dead. Long live News Media Alliance, a new name that—according to NMA CEO David Chavern—better reflects the industry.

“‘Newspaper’ is not a big enough word to describe the industry anymore,” Chavern told The New York Times (a newspaper). “The future of this industry is much broader.”

Despite dropping “newspaper” from its name, Chavern wants everyone to know that newspapers are still fantastic.

“The name change doesn’t reflect any diminishment of newspaper as a central way for people to get information but, instead, indicates just how many new ways our members are delivering journalism to their communities,” Chavern explained to Poynter. “The bottom line is that people consume more news than ever—in all forms—and that is the basis for a vibrant and growing news media industry.”

We agree.