Still No Public Apology From Nico Hines

Four months of silence.

Heading into the holiday break, we made some attempts to resolve one of this year’s great journalism mysteries: the professional fate of The Daily Beast London editor Nico Hines following his extremely misguided article about using an online dating app to cruise male athletes housed at the Rio Summer Olympics Village. As you may recall, the incident expedited the credentialed journalist’s departure from Brazil.

We were unsuccessful. However, on the same general front, SB Nation’s Outsports earlier this month conferred upon Hines (and his asleep-at-the-wheel Daily Beast editors) the honor of “Assholes of the Year.” The tandem beat out Curt Schilling and North Carolina Republicans. The associated post by site co-founder Jim Buzinsky ends with two solid observations:

Hines has yet to publicly apologize. His last post on Twitter was Aug. 10, a day before the article appeared.

The Daily Beast has not issued a post-mortem on how the story wound up being published. As I’ve written before: The Daily Beast needs to explain its editorial process — whose idea was it for the story? How many editors read it before it was published? Who made the final decision to hit “publish”? Who OK’d the headline? Were any LGBT Daily Beast staffers consulted on the merits of the story prior to publication? Why did it take all day to delete the story? Was Hines or any other staffer punished? What safeguards are in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Hines joined The Daily Beast in 2013, coming over to the site from the London Times. There are still a few days left before this Olympic year comes to a close. It would behoove Hines to make some sort of statement.

Update (March 20, 2017):
Hines has finally resurfaced, apologizing for his errors in judgment. He has also returned to The Daily Beast as a senior editor and reporter based in London.

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