Nintendo Launches Super Mario Run on Mobile

The game challenges users to help Mario rescue Peach and rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom after it's destroyed by Bowser.

Nintendo launched Super Mario Run on iOS. The game challenges users to help Mario rescue Peach and rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom after it’s destroyed by Bowser.

In Super Mario Run, users can play in two different gameplay modes: World Tour and Toad Rally. The World Tour mode offers single-player stages, while the Toad Rally mode allows users to asynchronously race against the ghosts of other players.

In the World Tour mode, users can complete single-player stages across six different worlds. In each stage, Mario runs across the screen automatically, and he will automatically vault over small obstacles, such as short pipes. Players can tap on the screen to make Mario jump, with longer taps resulting in higher jumps.

Super Mario Run Screenshots

Players will need to help Mario watch out for obstacles in the path, as well as enemies. While Mario will automatically vault over short enemies like Goombas and Koopas, users will need to watch out for other enemies, like Piranha Plants.

Users can collect basic gold coins, as well as colored coins, as they run. Users can replay stages to earn any colored coins they may have missed. As a user collects gold coins, they can spend them on buildings and decorations for their Mushroom Kingdom.

Elsewhere, the game’s Toad Rally mode allows users to race against the ghosts of other players for a chance to collect Toad characters for their kingdoms. In each race, users will run through a stage until time runs out, with the goal being to collect as many coins and impress as many Toads as possible during the race. Users can impress Toads by defeating enemies or performing “stylish” moves while running. For instance, if players tap just as Mario is about to vault over an enemy, Mario will perform a stylish move, which impresses the Toads.

Super Mario Run Screenshots 2

At the end of each Toad Rally race, if the player has defeated the ghost by collecting more coins and impressing more Toads, they will collect the Toads for their kingdom. As users collect Toads in bulk, their overall Mushroom Kingdom will level up.

While Super Mario Run is free to download, only the first three World Tour levels are available to play for free, and users can unlock the rest of the levels via an in-app purchase of $9.99.

The Toad Rally mode can also be played for free, but it requires tickets to access. Users begin with a limited number of free tickets, and they have the chance to earn additional free tickets through the title’s bonus game. Users who unlock all of the game’s World Tour levels will also receive 20 Toad Rally tickets with their purchase.

Super Mario Run is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.