NJ Starts ‘Sunday School’ Program

So many Sunday political talk shows, so little time. NJ is trying to keep junkies abreast of them all with “Sunday School,” a new feature that recaps the news bits of the Sunday talk shows.

It’s similar to the roundups a handful of other publications have.

Sunday School is a little like HuffPost‘s “Sunday Talking Heads” by Jason Linkins but without all the pomp and exclamation marks. And while Talking Heads is a single long form write up of about three of the shows, Sunday School is a several sentence summary of the shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FNC and CNN broken up into separate posts. At the end of each summary is a link to full transcripts of the interviews with the guests.

The Hill‘s “Sunday Talk Shows” roundup is also separated into distinct posts but unlike Sunday School, the posts include videos.

Politico‘s “Sunday talk show tip sheet” does the opposite of the other roundups. It’s published on Fridays and functions as an alert to who the guests will be. The news bits are written up in different areas throughout the site shortly after they happen.

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