No More Loose Lips for Daily Caller Scribe

FBDC happily ran into a festive looking Matthew Boyle at a St. Patty’s Day house party on Friday. He seemed happy in his baseball cap, worn backwards with a little shamrock emblem on it, but he told us about four separate times that everything he said at the party was absolutely OFF THE RECORD!

Before he showed up, a few guests joked that Boyle would almost immediately talk about the recent drama in which a DNC flack leaked his emails to BuzzFeed and were then picked up by Gawker. But that wasn’t the case. Another party-goer started the conversation, instead. “I lost the bet,” another attendee said.

We spoke with Boyle about the DNC-email issue. And while everything he said in the conversation was OFF THE RECORD!, we can tell you it was cordial and he seemed genuinely unperturbed about having his mug splashed on Gawker last week.

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