Noknok Messaging App Allows You to See Your Friends’ Contact List

Noknok is a new messaging app that lets you see how your friends label you in their phones, send and edit photos, and chat anonymously.


Oh, there are so many messaging apps. But only one comes with a twist of finding out what your friends are labeling you. Noknok is a messaging app that’s gaining lots of attention in Isreal, where its founders live. The idea, according to CMO David Sheetrit, was to stand out in the vast sea of messaging apps that have been launched in the past few years.

First, they focused on being sort of like WhatsApp but with free caller ID thrown in, he said. Then to make it more interesting, he coaxed his reluctant team to work on showing a user’s contact name, according to their friends’ contact list.

So you know the guy who asked for your number and you labeled him “Cute Coffee Shop Dude?” If he has Noknok and you do, too, he’ll see that. “It’s pretty cool,” says Sheetrit, “especially for teenagers, who come up with really humorous names” for their friends.

That is kind of cool. But if you don’t want your contacts to know what you’re really thinking of them, you can stay “incognito,” too, with some in-app privacy settings. They’ve also just launched a Group Chat feature where you can choose to chat anonymously. You can also send and edit photos in-app.

With its popularity across the ocean, Sheetrit is ready to get Americans into using the app. I told him we’re really concerned with privacy. And teens, while funny, can be really mean. Aren’t there too many opportunities for bullying?

No way, he says. They were really focused on creating a world within the app where it’s just your friends, people whose numbers you’ve saved and want to keep. You can also “blur” any user who might get too creative with a nickname or those edited photos.