North Social Rolls Out Trivia Contest App For Facebook Pages

Diversions such as trivia and contests are effective ways for Facebook pages to promote engagement, and Facebook application provider North Social is doing its part with Thursday’s release of its new trivia contest app.

Diversions such as trivia and contests are effective ways for Facebook pages to promote engagement, and Facebook application provider North Social is doing its part with Thursday’s release of its new trivia contest app.

The app enables page administrators to add custom quizzes, trivia challenges, and fan surveys to their Facebook pages, including three types of trivia challenges described in detail by North Social in a blog post:

True/False: This old classic is still one of the best formats for enabling an audience to test their knowledge but also learn some facts about your brand, products, or cause along the way. The app allows you to return valuable insight when a question is answered incorrectly. For instance, if the correct answer is “false,” but a fan answers “true,” you can input the correct answer with a brief explanation. This is a great way to inject some personality and some education into your branded quiz at the same time.

Multiple Choice: Turn your Facebook page into an online classroom by asking your fans a series of challenging questions. Remember, this is social media, and the goal is to get your current and prospective consumers to engage with your brand. Make it informative. Make it a memorable experience.

Personality Quiz: Ask your page visitors a series of fun, light-hearted multiple-choice questions where there are no right or wrong answers. Each response is weighted and then tallied up to reveal a certain personality trait or quality of the user. While personality quizzes are meant to be fun, they can also be very beneficial to your brand. The best way to give your fans what they want: Ask them.

The vendor is also demonstrating its new app with a Holiday Marketing Trivia Challenge on its Facebook page, with entrants who like its page having the chance to win $1,000 worth of North Social Facebook apps. Topics include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and social media in general.

North Social General Manager Chris Mottau said:

Our team works with thousands of brands, and they all have different social media objectives, so we built the trivia contest app with flexibility in mind. It was important for us to build an app with a powerful core engine that lets brands launch an entertaining trivia challenge or a social survey to gain valuable insights about their prospective customers.

And North Social offered more details on features of its trivia contest app in its blog post:

Competition fuels sharing: This just in … people like showing off on Facebook. So we built a gamification hook right into this app. After a user completes any one of North Social’s trivia challenges, they will immediately be shown their results and prompted to share the application by challenging their friends to beat their score.

Sweepstakes/contests overlay: Sometimes launching a clever trivia challenge is all it takes to get your fans more involved. This app allows your brand to activate a strategic one-two punch — an entertaining and engaging experience, and a smart way to generate quality leads via the custom data capture fields.

Visual branding: While quizzes are typically known more for their words than their images, we wanted to give brands the ability to bring their quiz to life visually. So we made it easy for fan page managers to “show and tell” by giving them the option to upload compelling images for both the questions and the answers.

Customizable fields: Everything about this app screams custom, as you can change: the number of questions you’d like to ask; the number of answers you’d like to display on each question; the copy in each input field; and even the text in the share button.

Integrated social response emails: This app is seamlessly integrated with the North Contact list building and email system. This enables brands to set up instant social response emails that hit the entrant’s inbox within seconds of entering the contest. The power of the integrated follow-up email tools makes this app a great entry point to automated marketing campaigns. Want to see this feature in action? Take the Holiday Trivia Challenge right now and then check your inbox.

Don’t forget the fan gate: Page managers can turn on the optional fan gate on this app, which requires visitors to like the page before they can access the quiz. When the fan gate feature is combined with the viral sharing messaging (“I scored 9 out 10 on North Social’s Holiday Trivia Challenge — think you can beat me?”), this app has a few hooks built-in to grow your brand’s fan count.

Readers: Will contests such as those enabled by North Social’s trivia contest app keep you coming back to Facebook pages? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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