Now Marketers Can Easily Track Authentic Facebook Pages on PageData

Although Facebook allows anyone to create a Facebook Page, Facebook’s intention with Facebook Pages has always been for them to be managed and operated by the actual brand, artist, celebrity, or politician themselves. That’s why they’ve given Facebook Pages so much more prominence in the home page stream, and built advertising products around driving traffic to those Pages.

In order to help the Facebook marketing community better track the growth of “authentic” Facebook Pages (Pages which Facebook has awarded a vanity URL), PageData by Inside Facebook has just launched a new feature enabling marketers to show only “official” Facebook Pages in the PageData rankings.

Now, you can see which brands and celebrities themselves are active on Facebook and growing the biggest fan base. Here’s how the standings look as of today, Wednesday, April 22, 2009.

It’s almost no surprise, but “Britain’s Got Talent” + YouTube sensation Susan Boyle is the fastest growing authentic page on Facebook, with over 120,000 new fans in the last day. Susan has actually added nearly 1.5 million fans in the last 5 days, making her Page the fastest growing Page we’ve ever seen!

Top Gainers Today

1. Susan Boyle +122,318
2. Jet Li (Official Facebook Page) +45,528
3. 成龍 Jackie Chan +32,752
4. Vin Diesel +23,018
5. South Park +13,411
6. Fast & Furious +12,829
7. Indian Premier League +12,131
8. Ashley Tisdale +11,521
9. Starbucks Coffee Company +11,073
10. Matthew Perry +10,314
11. The Phone +10,066
12. Carmen Electra +9,929
13. Rafael Nadal +8,064
14. Drew Barrymore +7,889
15. Ashton Kutcher +7,332

Looking out over the past week, Ashton Kutcher remains the fastest growing Page over the last 7 days (a title soon to be taken by Ms. Boyle), but as you can see by the graph below, Kutcher’s growth on Facebook has subsided in recent days. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan, Oprah Winfrew, Miley Cyrus, Linkin Park, Shaq, Tiger Woods, and Red Bull have all had great weeks on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1. Ashton Kutcher +832,126
2. Vin Diesel +725,928
3. 成龍 Jackie Chan +366,869
4. Fast & Furious +260,664
5. CNN +196,530
6. The Oprah Winfrey Show +180,336
7. Duffy +165,692
8. Linkin Park +153,447
9. Miley Cyrus +152,077
10. Britney Spears +150,246
11. The Killers +132,613
12. Bon Jovi +125,127
13. Tiger Woods +114,538
14. Shaq +113,637
15. Red Bull +104,680

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As always, please let us know how we can make PageData a better resource for you. PageData is still in beta, so please send all feedback and questions to mail AT insidefacebook DOT com!

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