NPR Creates Memorial Fund In Honor of David Gilkey and Zabihullah Tamanna

It comes with an initial gift of $400,000 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

NPR president and CEO Jarl Mohn announced the establishment of a memorial fund in honor of photojournalist David Gilkey and journalist and interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna, who were both killed while reporting from Afghanistan in June.

Called The David Gilkey and Zabihullah Tamanna Memorial Fund for International Coverage and Photojournalism, the fund comes with an initial gift of $400,000 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that will be used to train international, video and photojournalists and send them to and provide for their safety in the field.

“Reporting on global events is a difficult and often dangerous undertaking—a truth both David and Zabi knew well. Their lives, their work and their commitment to follow a story in a place where few others were willing to go also reminds us of NPR’s mission to provide in-depth and comprehensive storytelling, wherever that story may be,” said Mohn in a statement, noting that NPR is “dedicated to doing everything possible to prepare, protect and support our staff who risk everything to capture the stories that inform our world.”

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