NPR Hires Tasneem Raja As Senior Digital Editor of ‘Code Switch’

rlUq6_aFTasneem Raja will be joining NPR as senior digital editor of Code Switch, announced Lynette Clemetson, director of editorial initiatives, and Carline Watson, executive producer of Culture and Identity Unit, in a staff memo this morning.

Tasneem currently works at Mother Jones as senior editor, focusing on data-driven journalism. Prior to Mother Jones, Tasneem had been a reporter for the Chicago Reader, as well as a part of the San Francisco- based non-profit news organization, Bay Citizen, which had partnered with the New York Times back in 2010.

She was named “one of the smartest people on Twitter” by Fast Company, and is “a leading voice in the conversation on gender, race, and tech culture.” The graduate of UC Berkeley School of Journalism will be starting with NPR’s Code Switch in late January when she arrives in Washington.

Welcome to our nation’s capital, Tasneem!