NSi4 Plans for Release of Fashion Stories Boutique

Fashion Stories Boutique TopGala Stories company NSi4 has announced the development of its upcoming Facebook title Fashion Stories Boutique. Aimed at female gamers, the game takes players to a magical kingdom, where they’ll help a fairy princess turn her kingdom into a “fashion adventure.” To do so, players will transform a shabby room into a beautiful boutique, collecting design cards and dressing models with the best in fashion and accessories.

Fashion Stories Boutique offers thousands or designs, ranging from boots and jackets to necklaces and undergarments. Players collect these items like they would collectible cards, opening design packs to receive new cards. These cards have rarity levels, and can be displayed inside the boutique for others to browse.Fashion Stories Boutique 2Players will craft materials in order to display their clothes, and can decorate their boutique with decorative items, as well as clothing and accessories. As players unlock items in their closet, they can dress up a model and enter it into themed contests to win prizes. These contests are then voted on by the community, and players climb the leaderboard as their model receives more votes.

All along the way, players can complete quests to earn Opals, and in turn unlock more design packs. A timed quest system also takes advantage of a player’s models, as users can send their models through magical portals like the “Passage of Charm” in order to receive collectibles.

NSi4 Publishers is aiming to release Fashion Stories Boutique on December 1, 2014, and is looking for a bit of extra funding from the community to polish the game before release. The company has started an Indiegogo campaign for the title, seeking $15,000. To incentivize this funding, the different reward tiers serve as discounted pre-orders for the game’s design packs and premium currency, and may also reward users with special designs for their boutiques.

For instance, a donation of $5 will give players five design packs and 115 Diamonds when the game launches. If players wait to make this purchase until after release, the content would cost $8 in total.

The Indiegogo campaign for Fashion Stories Boutique will end on November 14.