NY Observer Rebrands Site as ‘Observer’

The paper casts a national net.

The New York Observer is dropping the best part of its title — New York — from the paper’s website. The site is now branded as “Observer” for the same reasons The New York Daily News expanded its site in 2012 — to attract a more widespread readership.

“The Observer is no longer simply the web version of the New York Observer newspaper,” wrote Observer Media CEO Joseph Meyer, in a note. “It is a national destination, covering the people and trends transforming our world, and reaching an elite audience by focusing on the topics that they care about —politics, art, style, culture, entertainment, innovation and real estate.”

It’s no accident that Meyer mentioned “elite” in his piece. He’s obviously hoping that describing the Observer as a “national destination” will bring in new, high-end advertisers.

Thankfully, while the Observer’s site is losing its New York, the paper will retain its focus on the greatest city in the world.

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