NY Times Creates Centralized Desk for Print Edition

A new look for the newsroom.

In an effort to streamline the newsroom, The New York Times has announced a centralized news desk that will focus exclusively on creating the daily print edition. Associate masthead editor Tom Jolly and executive vp of print products Roland Caputo will lead the new hub.

“This new centralized print group will be part of a news hub—an expansion of the current news
desk—that oversees the placement and presentation of coverage on all platforms,” wrote Times executive editor Dean Baquet, in a memo. “The print group will include the designers who, in consultation with backfields, will order space and make decisions about play on all inside news pages.”

“This will allow our individual news departments to focus on producing our news, analysis and features, as they do now, but without having to worry about the print deadlines and the layout of the printed pages right from the start of the day,” continued Baquet. “We will be able to react faster, and to try all the new forms of journalism that we have been learning to do so well.”

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