NY Times Exec VP of Advertising Talks Native Ads

Meredith_HeadshotAs The New York Times’ executive vice president of advertising, Meredith Kopit Levien has unique insights into the sometimes controversial world of native advertising. In an interview with The Media Briefing, Levien discussed the ads and how the Times handles them. Below are some highlights.

On the Times’ ever-increasing native ad team:

By the middle of the first quarter it will be close to 40 people. We’ve just got approval to hire a bunch more folks because we have so much demand for the work.

On the Times’ decision to not let staffers work on native ads:

The most important things the NYT has are its brand, its mission and the trust its readers place in those things. If we were to say anybody in our newsroom could touch that native content it would immediately compromise their independence.

On combining creative and tech:

2014 was transformational in succeeding on the creative side, and we have to keep doing that and make that even bigger. On other side of it, the math and computer science side, we also have to do the extraordinary work.

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