NY Times to Boost Native Ads to Close Mobile Revenue Gap

The New York Times is turning to native advertising in an attempt to close its ever-widening mobile revenue gap. Plenty of readers access the Times on their phones or tablets, but the Times still doesn’t get much revenue from mobile ads. That’s a problem they’re hoping native ads will solve.

According to Ad Age, in the third quarter, just 10 percent of ad revenue for the Times was via mobile ads. Meanwhile, more than 50 percent of traffic was from mobile devices. Mark Thompson, the Times’ CEO, referred to this as a “significant delta” while speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

Thompson insisted that Paid Post — the Times’ native ad product — was the key. “Paid Post perform very well on mobile,” Thompson said. “Consumers find them as a story within the list of stories.”

What if that doesn’t work? Well, they’ll try something else. “We, and the industry more broadly, are going to crack monetization on the smartphone because we have to,” added Thompson.

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