Obama’s Sympathetic Statement to Chip Reid

At a London presser this afternoon, Pres. Obama publicly offered CBS’ Chip Reid his condolences saying, “my heart goes out to you.”
TVNewser has learned that the statement was in reference to the passing of Reid’s father.
UPDATE from CBS News Washington Bureau Chief Christopher Isham
Chip Reid’s father passed away shortly after he arrived in London to cover the president. While Chip at first planned to return home, his mother and wife, Nina, insisted that his father would want him to continue on the President’s historic trip.
In a note to us today he said “My father was my hero and I’m here to make him proud.”
A family memorial is planned once Chip returns home. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to:
Charles Henry Reid, Sr. Memorial Fund
Hanover Presbyterian Church
1801 N. Jefferson Street
Wilmington, DE 19802-4709

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