Oregon Newspaper Removes Handgun Ad From Mass Shooting Coverage

Alerted to the Kimber overlap, The Oregonian acted quickly.

In the midst of an emotionally wrenching breaking news cycle, Oregon’s oldest daily newspaper was reminded of the challenges of serving up the proper digital ads. To its credit, The Oregonian handled the situation quickly and efficiently.

Several readers pointed out via Twitter Thursday that the article “Mass Shooting on Roseburg College Campus, Possible Hate Crime, Draws Heavy Interest From Feds” was paired with an advertisement for a Montana firearms manufacturer:

The Oregonian thanked Slatore and another Twitter user for alerting them to the situation, explaining that action had been taken to remove the ad. The author of the article, Bryan Denson, separately chimed in, noting that ‘Frankly, the algorithms perform some exceedingly tasteless juxtapositions. We’re working on it.’

Reader Slatore added one more astute observation. He wrote: ‘I don’t blame y’all, but I think it’s sad/ironic that there even are gun ads that look for this kind of content.’

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