Outfit7 Launches My Talking Angela on Mobile

My Talking AngelaIn October 2014, Outfit7 Limited celebrated over two billion downloads across its suite of Talking Tom and Friends apps, and the company hopes to expand upon that number with the release of the latest app in the franchise: My Talking Angela. The app is No. 15 in the Talking Tom and Friends series, and adds additional interactivity to the lovable feline Angela character (who has over two million fans on Facebook).

My Talking AngelaIn My Talking Angela, players feed and care for Angela through nine stages of growth, including baby, toddler, tween and adult. Players unlock new interactions and activities as they go along, and can dress Angela in the latest fashions, decorate the rooms in her home with new furniture, play games with her, and more.

Players start with a baby kitten, and must feed it, tuck it into bed, give it baths, brush its teeth and so on. Players earn coins and experience points as they complete actions, and will receive sticker packs as they level up. These stickers are split into multiple pieces, so players may need to collect two or three individual parts to create a final sticker.

In addition to stick packs, players unlock new hairstyles, clothing items and other rewards as they level up. These can be purchased with coins.

In terms of mini-games, players can start by playing a Breakout-style brick breaker game, and another that challenges players to drag shapes into specific configurations to fill a box at the top of the screen.

In addition to these gameplay elements, players can tap or poke Angela to see her react, which retains the characteristics of other games in the franchise.

My Talking Angela starts rolling out on app stores today, and will hit iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows devices throughout the week. Check out the Angela Facebook fan page for more.

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