Paid, Owned and Earned Media: What’s the Difference? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Paid, Owned and Earned Media: What's the Difference? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Paid media. Owned media. Earned media.

No doubt you’ve heard these terms. You might have even used them, perhaps to impress a potential client. But what do they actually mean?

Paid Media is anything that is paid for to drive traffic to owned media properties – you pay to boost your exposure through the channel. Examples: print ads, TV ads, display ads, paid search, Facebook advertising and Promoted Tweets.

Owned Media is any communication channel or platform that belongs to your brand that you create and have control over. Examples: your website, retail stores, blogs, social media channels, apps and brochures.

Earned Media is when people talk about and share your brand, products and services, either in response to content you’ve shared or via voluntary means. In other words, free publicity. Examples: retweets, Likes, YouTube comments, other social shares, bloggers writing about you, online reviews and general word of mouth.

Check the visual below for more insights, which comes courtesy of The Media Octopus.

Paid, Owned and Earned Media: What's the Difference? [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: The Media Octopus.)