Panda-monium in Snowy Washington

B6sEIgqCMAAjvyNAs most news outlets basked in the almost unfair cuteness of the National Zoo’s panda cub, Bao Bao, and her first snow day, The Washingtonian went with the always popular anti-panda angle.

In a bold move, Benjamin Freed, staff writer for The Washingtonian, called out the cub for her stooge-like antics yesterday in a very entertaining post titled “Stupid Bear Can’t Stand Up in the Snow.”

“While giant pandas born in the wild are accustomed to the snows of central China, those born in captivity, like Bao Bao here, are left to flail around,” wrote Freed. “But what else would you expect from a creature who hid in a tree for a day after accidentally touching a “hot wire”?”

The humorless Twitter-verse was outraged by Freed’s comments. The Washingtonian‘s senior editor, Andrew Beaujon, jokingly tweeted, “pandas are tearing this newsroom apart.”

What was thought to be a black and white issue had quickly become a pandemic of anger and hate involving one of Earth’s most beloved fast food chain mascots.

Cute or klutz? You decide.

Video courtesy of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

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