Parse Crash Reporting, Local Datastore for iOS Debut

Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse announced the launch of Parse Crash Reporting and Parse Local Datastore for iOS.

ParseCrashReporting650Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse announced the launch of Parse Crash Reporting and Parse Local Datastore for iOS.

Facebook software engineer Islam Ismailov provided details on Parse Crash Reporting in a blog post:

In the past, we’ve seen Parse developers use third-party crash-reporting tools, but this approach required developers to manage several different SDKs (software-development kits), learn new APIs (application-programming interfaces) and monitor many dashboards at once. We wanted it to be simpler. Part of Parse’s core mission has always been to abstract away common tasks and streamline the developer’s experience — so we built a way to manage crash reports right within Parse.

Say you’ve released a new version of your app that unfortunately “features” a newly introduced bug. Have no fear! All you have to do is enable Parse Crash Reporting, making the experience of handling crashes in your app much smoother than ever before. We’ve updated our iOS and Android SDKs to provide a simple and intuitive interface that detects the bug, pinpoints the issue and generates a report allowing you to resolve problems quickly and easily. With this update, our SDKs automatically cache and resend your crash reports if connectivity is spotty. And our back end tracks bugs on a per-version basis, so that if you’ve reintroduced an old bug in a new version of your app, Crash Reporting still ensures that you’ll notice and fix it as soon as possible– even if you’ve previously marked it as “resolved.”

And fellow Facebook software engineer Grantland Chew introduced Parse Local Datastore for iOS in a separate blog post:

Too often, we’ve seen bad reception or lack of connectivity become the downfall of what could have been an incredible user experience. Many mobile apps are simple clients that display data straight from a server, losing all functionality without an Internet connection. Because of this, people who use these apps face painful loading screens and broken features. The developers who build these apps want a better experience, but it’s not easy to build all of the underlying logic to handle local data storage gracefully.

Parse Local Datastore makes it a lot easier, and today we’re excited to announce that it’s available in our iOS/OS X SDK. You can now create a seamless, uninterrupted user experience free from connectivity constraints.

It’s the same functionality found in our Android implementation, but now for iPhones , iPads and Macs everywhere.

Parse developers: Are you anxious to get started using these two new features?

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