Parsons Transporation Signs on Santiago Calatrava to Help Redesign Denver’s Airport

This writer is headed on a quick trip to Denver this weekend, wherein, as most travelers tend to when visiting nearly any city, will be spending some time in the local airport. In this case, it’s the Denver International Airport, which is roughly 7,000 miles away from the city center. However, before we begin the nine hour drive into town, we’ll need to remember to take a look around the facilities before the seven years of renovations begin. The city has announced that they have selected Parsons Transportation as the project manager to oversee the massive, hundreds of millions of dollars endeavor to update the airport, and they made their selection in part because starchitect Santiago Calatrava was willing to join the team in helping to create new sections of the terminals and stations for the soon-to-be railway system. This, of course, further ups Denver’s standing as one of the most architecturally-minded cities in the country. Can’t wait to see what becomes of it all.

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