Party Game Heads Up! Pictures Launches on iOS

Heads Up! Pictures

If your New Year’s Eve plans involve attending or throwing a year-end bash, you might be looking for a new party game to keep the night fun and exciting. If that’s the case, you should check out Warner Bros.’ Heads Up! Pictures, the newest installment in the Heads Up! franchise, which is based on the game created by Ellen DeGeneres (and played on her television show). As the name suggests, the title offers a visual twist on the original’s gameplay, as users give their friends verbal clues to identify pictures on the iOS device’s screen.

In each game of Heads Up! Pictures, players choose from a variety of stock clue decks, including Animals, “Around the House,” “Who Am I?,” and more. From there, players have a limited amount of time to guess as many clues as possible. The guessing player holds the device over their head (or otherwise in front of them, where they can’t see the screen), and any other players yell out clues to help them identify the object on the screen.

When players have successfully guessed the item, they tilt the device down to move on. If players can’t figure out the answer, they can tilt the device up to pass.

Additional clue packs are available to purchase with real money, while a scavenger hunt-style deck called “Around Town” is available for free, but must first be created by the player. In this mode, users are encouraged to take pictures of their own local landmarks to create their own clues. A similar “Build Your Own Deck” mode is available for $0.99, and allows users to upload any images they’d like for a personalized experience.

The game supports video and audio recording, so users can share their gameplay experiences on Facebook.

Heads Up! Pictures is available to download for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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