Patrick Gavin’s POTUS Interview Quest

A man can only take so much.

Patrick Gavin really wants an interview with President Barack Obama. Some of you may not know this. Gavin’s been pretty low key about the whole thing.

So far, he’s consulted with the likes of Peter Baker, Rep. Darrell Issa, Juliet Eilpern and many more, and he’s sought divine intervention (twice), in hopes of finding out just what he has to do to get an interview with the most powerful man in the world.

Gavin, inspired by the president marking 500 days in office, launched his own 500 day experiment a little over a month ago. He began chronicling his journey through a series of YouTube videos documenting the various lengths he has gone to get that coveted interview.

“As for what spurred it, I’m not sure. I just thought that here was something that happened all the time — interviews with POTUS — and yet you hardly ever find out how these things come about and what you have to do to get one,” said Gavin, a former editor for FishbowlDC.

Last week, at the suggestion of ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Gavin took a bath in Fruit Loops. The next day, CBS announced that the president would sit for an interview with Steve Kroft, for the 10th time!

So the questions are: what more does Gavin have to do? How much further can he go? How much more can he take?

We think his wife is already over it.

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