PayPal Sellers Can Now Send Invoices to Buyers Directly via Facebook Messenger

Sellers can now create and send invoices complete with prices and images

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PayPal sellers can now send invoices to buyers via Facebook Messenger.

PayPal director of product, next-generation commerce Shilpa Dhar detailed the new chat extension for Messenger in a blog post, saying that sellers can now create and send invoices complete with prices and images directly to buyers via Messenger conversations.

Dhar added, “To use PayPal’s invoicing extension, a user simply needs to open the extension tray, select PayPal and create the invoice with some simple details—item name, description, price and quantity—before sending it off to the buyer. From there, the buyer presses “Pay With PayPal” and can complete the transaction seamlessly with PayPal One Touch.”

The Messenger team is well acquainted with PayPal, as vice president of messaging products David Marcus stepped down as president of PayPal in June 2014 to join Facebook, followed in December of that year by PayPal vp of growth Stan Chudnovsky, who became product manager for Messenger.

Last month, the two companies announced Messenger’s support for peer-to-peer payments via PayPal.

And the electronic payment processor and the social network teamed up last year to enable people on Messenger to shop and communicate via PayPal without leaving the messaging application. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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