PBS Frontline Debuts ‘Growing Up Trans’ Short Documentaries on Facebook

PBS’ investigative journalism series, Frontline, launched short documentary series Growing Up Trans on its Facebook page.

PBS’ investigative journalism series, Frontline, launched short documentary series Growing Up Trans on its Facebook page.

The four-part series will debut its episodes on Facebook, in a mobile-friendly format, and 90-minute documentary Growing Up Trans will air on the network Tuesday (June 30) at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT. The full documentary will also be available via free online streaming on the Frontline homepage.

The full documentary and the short Facebook series will examine the medical choices, struggles and possibilities faced by transgender kids and their families.

PBS said viewers will “meet”:

  • Lia, at age 19, is still glowing from being named high school prom queen and is now looking forward to gender reassignment surgery.
  • Alex, at 13, is learning what it takes to become a guy, with a little help from his friends.
  • Isaac, at 19, has been taking testosterone for years, but is still wondering if his decision to transition was the right one.

Frontline executive producer Raney Aronson said in a release announcing the Facebook video series:

By putting these stories on Facebook, we know we will reach so many people grappling with this issue right now. We believe these stories can help inform, inspire and engage this new generation of kids and their parents as they navigate this rapidly changing and complicated world of gender and identity.

Readers: Will you watch any of the videos on Facebook or the full-length documentary?


Boy CodeAlex is transgender. He was born a girl. Now, at age 13, he’s learning what it takes to be a “guy”… with a little help from his friends.

Posted by FRONTLINE on Monday, June 29, 2015

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