Peggle Blast Launches on iOS, Android

Peggle BlastElectronic Arts has announced the launch of Peggle Blast on mobile devices, introducing new players to PopCap’s popular peg-breaking franchise through a free-to-play experience on iOS and Android. In Peggle Blast, players complete level-based gameplay that challenges them to launch orbs at peg formations, with the main goal of breaking key colored pegs before running out of shots.

Peggle BlastEach level of Peggle Blast contains a different peg formation, and may offer a different goal. That is, some levels may ask players to only clear a large number of orange pegs without running out of shots, while another removes the orange pegs and instead challenges players to hatch phoenix eggs by hitting them with shots. Still other levels ask players to remove pegs to drop rainbow gems to the bottom of the screen, and so on.

Levels are split into groups by Peggle Master as well. These characters, like the franchise’s famous unicorn Bjorn, sit at the top of the screen, and each come with a different power. Bjorn, for instance, offers a super guide trajectory line for precise aiming on difficult shots, while Kablooey the Peacock causes an explosion that destroys blue pegs, and everything around them.

Players can purchase extra green pegs before beginning a stage, and have access to other powers while playing. This includes a Ring of Fire, which surrounds a shot with flames, extending the ball’s range, and destroying more items in a single shot.

At the end of each level, any extra shots are launched onto the screen for bonus points, and players earn up to three stars, depending on their final score. If players fail to complete a level without running out of moves, they lose a life. These recharge automatically over time. Interestingly, players can repeat completed stages even if they don’t have any lives, so gamers are never forced to just “sit and wait” while their lives recharge.

Peggle Blast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. For more on the game, check out our interview with Robert Einspruch, senior producer of Peggle Blast.

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