Perez Hilton, Other Famous People Had Thoughts on Advertising Week

Seeing Perez Hilton at Advertising Week is kind of like seeing Kid Rock at Cannes or the Kardashians at Paris Fashion Week: you get why they’re hanging around, but you wonder who invited them.

Nonetheless, quite a few names-you-might-know showed up at a red carpet event sponsored by social networking service Keek and agreed to talk for a few seconds about the state of things.

Here’s Mashable founder Pete Cashmore on management:

Perez and more after the jump…

Here’s Damon Wayans engaging in some shameless self-promotion:

Marissa Mayer showing off two shades of green:

Michael Strahan not taking himself too seriously:

The aforementioned Mr. Hilton going spastic:

…and Harvey Weinstein trying (and largely failing) to have his picture taken with some friends.

Our only question: what is Keek? (Seriously, we have no idea.)

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.