Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity to release on Nov. 7 for iOS and Android

Indie developer 22Cans announced today that Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube will release on Nov. 7 for iOS and Android.

Video game industry verteran Peter Molyneux leads the new startup that’s focused on the mobile and social gaming market. Molyneux is best known from his work on game titles such as Populous, Fable and Black and White.

The players’ objective in Curiosity is to work together with other users to reach the center of the cube, in hopes to become the first person to reach the center and discover a secret, which has remained a secret all this time.

Since 22Cans wanted the game’s secret to remain a secret, the title was first submitted to Apple for certification on Oct. 1 and continually popped in and out of certification because the developer didn’t even want Apple employees to know the secret, according to Polygon.

The app will be available for free with in-app purchasing of more efficient tools that players can use to tap their way to the cube’s center.

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