Peter Pan Live Shows Opportunities Brands Have on Twitter

Nearly half a million tweets were posted about Peter Pan Live, which was also a prime time for huge brands like Wal-Mart to chime in.


The data on last week’s Peter Pan Live TV event is available now, revealing the power of live theater events-on-television, which have seen a recent surge in popularity (remember Carrie Underwood’s starring role in Sound of Music Live?

According to Nielsen, 475,000 tweets seen by 5.3 million people were posted about #PeterPanLive during the three-hour show, and as our sister blog Lost Remote contributor Adam Flornenbaum suggested, the event was a “social phenomenon.”

Despite the scathing review from The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon labeling Peter Pan Live “an inexcusable bore” and the show’s ability to inspire numerous “hate tweets,” multiple brands took the opportunity to tweet alongside the event.

Whoever tweets for DiGiorno deserves a pat on the back for his or her Peter Pan-related postings, including “I wonder if the captain has a pizza cutter attachment for his hook .” Charmin, Sutter Home Wines (e.g. “Faults and flaws noted, but having Captain Hook around would come in handy when it’s time to uncork a bottle of . “) and Wal-Mart also hopped on the bandwagon with clever tweets.

The lesson for brand marketers is to pay attention. Having worked for a small startup that constantly evaluated its branding strategy online and via social, I remember that we often got bogged down with simple execution methods that we missed perfectly good moments to congregate around local events on social and promote ourselves, specifically Twitter. The same goes for local and national brands.

For whatever reason, these theater events do really well on TV, and that viewership can be counted as a win for social media marketers. Brands should keep their fingers crossed for another one soon — Frozen on TV, anybody? The Internet would break.

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