Pew Center Reports Positive Attitudes Regarding Job Market

Job-SearchWe were going to type “‘tudes” but figured that may be taking it a little too far but ’tis indeed true! The Pew Center reports positive attitudes on the street regarding views of the job market.

This marks the first time in at least five years that Americans are hearing good news (26 percent) compared to  those hearing bad news (25 percent). And technically, a 45 percent plurality hears a mixture of both good and bad.

Looking at the sunny side up, this is the first time that more than 20 percent of respondents have indicated positive attitudes surrounding jobs since…wait for it…2009.

In June of that recession-laden year, merely one percent (let’s repeat it for emphasis: one percent!) said the job situation was mostly good. This is in contrast to 71 percent of folks who said it pretty much stunk. During the past 12 months, per the center, people hearing mostly negative news reported a drop while people hearing primarily good news reported a boost.

When taken into account with the bigger picture of the economy, many people hear a mixture of both good and bad news as well. The gap is shrinking which is also good news. Last year 31 percent of people heard bad news compared to seven percent of people hearing good news. Now 21 percent hear mostly bad news and 14 percent hear mostly good news.

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