Pew Research Center Explores Consumption of Political News by Liberals, Conservatives

shutterstock_207849145The Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project today released a study on where people, ranging from consistently liberal to consistently conservative, go for political and government news, similar trends in social media use, and how they communicate said information with family and friends.

While 47% of consistent conservatives cite FOX News as their main news source pertaining to politics and the government, those who self-describe themselves as consistently liberal most trust NPR, PBS, and the BBC for that information.

The study also went on to rate trust of 36 outlets ranging from CNN and Bloomberg to POLITICO and Al Jazeera America among five ideological groups: consistently liberal and consistently conservative, mostly liberal and mostly conservative, and mixed. The Wall Street Journal was the only outlet more trusted than distrusted by all five groups, while BuzzFeed was the only organization more distrusted than trusted by people self-identifying in all five categories.

The findings are based on online survey results from 2,901 respondents with Pew’s American Trends Panel, collected March 19 – April 29, 2014.

For a full look at the findings, click here.

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