Philippe Starck Designs an Electric Vehicle

Let’s face it. Not all of our mansions are conveniently located right next to our docks. Some are even so far away that we might even have to drive to them. We hate that cars are bad for the environment, but how else are we going to get to our eco-friendly mega-yachts? Enter eco-friendly, mega-yacht designer Philippe Starck. This week at the Geneva Auto Show, the designer has unveiled the “V+ Volteis by Starck,” an electric automobile (and not a golf cart at all). Says Starck:

I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer to return to the minimalist definition to a vehicle. A simple vehicle. Almost a child’s play. With 4 wheels. A steering wheel. And electricity. A vehicle just here to transport. Transport us and our business. Almost nothing.

The V+ itself is as bare bones as it gets, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the non-golf cart’s chairs are made of PVC cord, the roof is textile, and the trunk is a sort of wicker-like basket. It also doesn’t have any seat belts, airbags, or really anything else that would keep you in any way safe as it reaches its top speed of around 40 mph. Also, lest we fail to do so, we should make sure to mention that this is in no way a golf cart, even though it looks like one, will likely be used as one, and sounds like it functions that way as well. No, this is a $40,000 vehicle of Mr. Starck’s sole creation.