Philly Guild Says No To Layoffs

Last month, the Philadelphia Media Network said it had to get rid of 37 staffers.

It asked for buyout volunteers before resorting to layoffs.

The Guild says it received 21 volunteers to take buyouts at the Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and The company is now saying it will conduct an additional 19 layoffs.

The Guild says that those on the layoff list include: Two full-time Inquirer reporters, three part-time Inquirer reporters, four part-time Inquirer copy editors, one part-time Inquirer artist, one full-time Daily News reporter, one part-time Daily News reporter, three part-time Daily News copy editors, one full-time Daily News desk assistant, one Daily News part-time editorial clerk. and two part-time multi-media content producers.

“It is our position that between the significant savings of the salaries of the members who volunteered to leave, and the concessionary contract in 2010 that gave the new owners $6 million in cost cuts from our union, that enough is enough.”

Well, the company said it needed 37, and only got 21. But they’re asking for 40, now, so neither side is really making much sense right now.

Guild president Dan Gross and executive director Bill Ross wrote that they believe Philadelphia Media Network is attempting to cut more costs in order to make the papers look like an attractive investment. The company made $4 million last year.

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