Pilot Passes Sobriety Test; Airline Grounds Passenger for Tweeting

airplaneWe’ve heard about employers slapping the wrist on employees for scribing questionable tweets but in a recent case, an airline sent a passenger packing when she tweeted about one of its employees. Namely, the pilot.

According to AOL Jobs, a passenger says she was removed from a JetBlue flight after sending a tweet. Not just any ol’ tweet — it was about a pilot’s sobriety test.

Here’s the deal: Lisa Carter-Knight from Pennsylvania was waiting to board her flight in Philadelphia. During that time, the airline mentioned it was delayed due to a unique set of circumstances. That is, the pilot believed another passenger actually accused him of being drunk.

As a precaution, JetBlue issued a sobriety test and the pilot was cleared. Well, Carter-Knight hopped onto Twitter regarding the pilot accusing passengers of questioning his sobriety. She also took photos of the terminal.

Although the flight eventually departed four hours after it’s initial schedule, the mother of three was denied entry onto the plane.

As per WMUR-TV, JetBlue revealed if a customer is not complying with its safety instructions, if the person demonstrates objectionable behavior or causes conflict, guess what? The customer will simply be asked to leave. We should point out she got a refund for her flight and got a flight home through a different airline.

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